About Us

Circle Developers and Project Management Services, offers the full life cycle development services to you as the client for the establishment of complexes, holiday & residential homes, cottages, clusters, town houses, flats, etc.

We specialise in reasonably priced quality buildings to the benefit of our clients. Our extensive services and experience gained through the years combined with previous and recent national research on building processes and methods as well as on suppliers of specific products, are documented and the benefits are passed on to our clients. Our documentation process is fully electronic and the flow of paper is minimised. We use the internet as a virtual communication highway. Our website is our window to our clients for marketing purposes and we use our e-mail extensively to keep our clients up to date with the progress of their home.

The complexity and scope of the projects determine the type and number of resources allocated to it. The software we use is tailored for our business. We have over the years satisfied the need of our clients with our knowledge, determination, quality of our product and after sales service.

Our clients have became friends and extended family!


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