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Schalk & Chris van der Merwe firmly believe that their wide property experience as registered estate agents, established developers as well as qualified auctioneers, makes them the ideal choice to auction your biggest asset - your property.

"Auctions are an expeditious way to effectively market and sell your property!"

Why are auction sales so effective?
A serious seller will have IMMEDIATE results and will eliminate going to the market on a private treaty basis for a LONG and often unsuccessful period.

Open competition generated by an AUCTION SALE moves the price from the realms of opinion or speculation to REALITY.

Allow our honesty, reliability and expertise to work for you.

We are here to serve the Auction needs of the Garden Route!

Some benefits to consider!
  • Auctions differentiate listings and make properties stand out.
  • Auctions eliminate property showings.
  • Auctions give you the ability to sell Real Property “as is” with no past contract contingencies.
  • Auctions give you the ability to bring the seller pre-qualified bidders and buyers.
  • Auctions give you the ability to bring the seller qualified and valid offers at a specified time.
  • Auctions give you the ability to create an active bidding process versus passive process.
  • Auctions give you the ability to accelerate the marketing process and eliminate holding cost associated with stagnant private listings.
  • Auctions give you the ability offer clients new selling and purchasing options.
  • Real Estate Auction
  • Estate buy – outs
  • Evaluations
  • Rent an Auctioneer
  • Social Responsibility / Charity Auctions
Fees payable
  • Seller pay for all the advertising costs.
  • Buyer pay the Auctioneers fee.
  • To register as a Purchaser a copy of your ID and proof of residential address must be submitted
  • FICA Documentation is required for Auction Registration
  • 10 % Deposit
  • Commission on fall of hammer (6.84%)
  • Balance on Transfer

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